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Jeff Sheremata - Digital Artist 

I’m a Ph.D. research chemical engineer with a lifelong interest in mathematics and coding. I am intrigued with the beauty, patterns, and order that often arises within randomness, chaos, and the unexpected.  I am particularly interested in art at the intersections of mathematics, science, and computer science/code. 


Employing John Cage–inspired indeterminacy, I use the statistical language R and plotting library GGPLOT2 for all of my plots and art. All of my work uses code.  My code often has geometric rules and constraints.  Other times, I use scientific, engineering, or computer science models.  Like other Fluxus artists using chance operations, I set up my code to generate random elements, subject to the constraints and rules that I created.  The art is a result of a combination of innovation, science, and my artistic expression.  


My work highlights what is possible when humans and computers work together.  My past work has focused on classic geometry, fluid flow fields, and noise.  A theme of my work is that there is beauty within chaos, randomness, and chance.  I first noticed this in my scientific research when I was making plots to analyze data.  Later in my scientific career, I thought I should pursue art, using the same type of code that I use to process and analyze scientific and engineering data.

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